Our Authors

Here’s information on some of the authors we work with often. It’s an eclectic mix of talented people — and we enjoy editing their work!

David AntocciDAVID ANTOCCI is a noted wordsmith, blogger and author. His work can be read regularly on the Worcester Telegram and Gazette website where he has spent many years writing about the trials and tribulations of being a real life Mr. Mom. While his first love is music, he has put down the guitar in recent years in order to pour his passion into writing… and the gentle tap of the keys on his laptop are much less disruptive late at night when the children are sleeping. The ESCAPE books are his first published foray into fiction. He lives in New England with his beautiful wife and children. Find out more at antocci.com.

Jerry BellerJERRY BELLER is an author and screenwriter of historical and contemporary novels. An avid reader as a teenager, John Steinbeck, David McCullough, and Ken Follett inspired him to become a writer. After college, Jerry moved to DC to work on Capitol Hill. While he loved the city’s art, museums, monuments, and memorials, he hated the politics. In his late twenties, Jerry moved to Jamaica to write his first book. While there, he met, fell in love, and married a native, Nicola. Also falling in love with Jamaica, it remains his home away from home. He and Nicola spent the next decade traveling back and forth between the States and Jamaica, and he wrote dozens of screenplays. He is the author of several series and upcoming series, including the Kingston, Jamaica, and the American Myth Series.

DS BLACKD S BLACK is a reformed felon, and author of I, Bipolar: A Southern Man’s Memoir and The Stubbs: A Novella. He is now finishing his BA in English with a concentration in creative writing while preparing for graduate school. He resides in Spartanburg, SC with his fun, wild, and lovable Rottweiler Commando.



Bodan BODAN is a spiritual adviser undertaking his own, lifelong spiritual quest. He founded the University of Spirituality and promote group consciousness and a healthy connection to the environment and the world around us. Bodan is the author of The Master Within, a series of books designed to help readers find spiritual awakening, and The Reluctant Disciple, a work of fiction about a woman’s search for enlightenment with the help of a reincarnated Simon Peter. Find out more about his work at selfgrowth.com.

John BriggsJOHN BRIGGS currently writes middle-grade biographies on people he finds fascinating. As a child, he read one biography after the other and is now thrilled to write them for Atombank Books. John is a one-time nationally syndicated children’s TV critic who currently makes his living as a freelance book editor. A native of Philadelphia, he now lives in upstate New York where he enjoys reading, writing, baseball, and talking history with his pre-teen son. Visit him at johnbriggsbooks.net.

Tommy MooreTOMMY MOORE, “The Professor of Fun”, is a comedian of many hats. He’s done more than 3,500 shows, speeches, and seminars at comedy clubs, casinos, cruise ships, colleges, corporations, churches, synagogues, resorts, and on radio and TV. As a comedian, producer, columnist, TV and radio co-host, teacher and publicist, Tommy has worked with, around, and for hundreds of comedians. While Tommy’s goal as a performer is to use humor to “entertain, inform, uplift, and heal”, much the same can be said about the goal of this book, A Ph.D. in Happiness from the Great Comedians. For more information, visit profcomedy.com.


Aderonke MoyinlorunADERONKE MOYINLORUN is the author of four books: When Love Hurts, After d Dark, I Choose You, and To the Zenith Above the Peak. She was born and raised in Nigeria and got her first degree at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. She moved to the U.S in 2010 and is currently working toward a second degree at Indiana State University.
She writes romance novels with a touch of suspense. She loves reading, enjoys her family, and plans to go to fashion school someday.

Zackary RichardsZACKARY RICHARDS’ first success, Frostie the Deadman, won the Writer’s Voice Award for best young adult novel and was later published by Burns Publishing. He has since written several new books, including a follow-up to Frostie the Deadman titled Half Moon Falls, published by Ari Publishing. In addition to several non-fiction books, he has written five adult novels, including Noon: The Rise to Power, The Messiah Complex, The Dead Machine, a collection of his most popular short stories, and Noon 2: The Resurgence. In addition to print and ebooks, his audio books are available through Audible.com. Zackary Richards lives in upstate New York. You can read his blog at zackaryrichards.blogspot.com.

Meg XuemeiMEG XUEMEI is an award-winning author who has written several novels, including Love’s Prey, Nexus Tear, and The Siren. She grew up in a backward, southern town in China, went to college in Akron, Ohio, and attended the Tisch School. She now lives in Sherman Oaks, California. Visit her official website at megxauthor.wordpress.com.



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