Books We’ve Edited

Here are a few of the books we’ve edited, from children’s books to adult romance, gentle humor to inspiring self-help. If you’ve written it, we can edit it!


Leaping Lemmings Final Cover Small    Pete Seeger Front Cover 300dpi    Mary Dyer     Judy Garland       Rise of Celestial Flame    Money Tree Emily Grace      Branches & Leaves Cover     Arctic Land     cover-ebook     Farmer Tice 2     Nefertiti

Spike the Cat   Just for Kicks Photo

Young Adult

Love's Prey     Siren     Nexus Tear     Half Moon Falls    Red Queen


Life Ain't Kind     One Summer's Storm     Spike the Cat


Blue Butterfly     I Choose You     Two Sisters in Ireland     Blue Dirt     Shadow Angels     No Fat Knights    Starbucks Bitches      After d Dark          seduction           Promise We Made Cover


Revolution in America     Revolution in America Scarecrow     Revolution in America Resurgence    Revolution in America Unknown Soldier Messiah Complex     Dead Machine     Escape: A New Life    Escape Past Sins Stubbs     Gilbert     Cudjoe     Sawnee

Surly Bonds      Escape Dead End      Thriller in Jamaica    

Constable Brown      Decision    Power Broker

NEST Retribution     Rim Shots     From Out of Nowehre

Blind Pursuit



Reluctant Disciple       God Made Us Monsters 96dpi


PhD in Happiness     On the Inside     My Christian Penis     Whateverland      Gordon Growth Spurts Front Cover 2       Joketelling 101 Front Cover Ebook


Choosing Positive Perspectives     Therapeutic Lessons     When Angles Fall                  Freelance to Freedom Pugliese



Path to Happiness     I Bipolar     Junkie's Nightmare

Turning Thirty

General Nonfiction

The War on Junkies  Inside Special Education.jpg    


Prevent Cancer 2    American Health 

Short Stories

Lost in the Timbre: A Babe in the Woods    Lost in the Timbre Parables Small    Lost in the Timbre Old Dead Men


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