Money, Power & Sex

Love Sex MoneyFour Lives, four separate motives, one unbelievable outcome. Follow this twisting tale, full of romance, action, suspense and drama. Watch each person desperately try to reach their desires and discover why they are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to answer one question. How far are you willing to go for Money, Power and Sex?


Thriller in Jamaica

Thriller in JamaicaJamaica is in chaos in the wake of Hurricane Gilbert, the worst storm to strike the island in decades. How will a newly arrived dreamer and idealist survive the turmoil as a powerful gang fights for control of Kingston?

Escape: Dead End

Escape Dead EndThe final installment of David Antocci’s best-selling Escape series sees his heroine battling her mob boss ex-husband to the end for her daughter’s life



Jamaica’s new prime minister, Sawnee Lewis, worries that her criminal past will destroy her ambitions for the island in this taut political thriller from author Jerry Beller. The final book in the Jamaica Series!

Lost in the Timbre: A Babe in the Woods

Lost in the Timbre: A Babe in the Woods

Lost in the Timbre: A Babe in the Woods

Part one of John Briggs’ short story collection, Lost in the Timbre, features six short pieces from early in his writing career, including Sideshow, about two carnival barkers selling Good and Evil, and The Unknown Soldier, in which two teens debate the meaning of sacrifice.