Welcome to New Author Editing

New Author Ad Tommy MooreEvery author needs a good editor, but new authors need it the most. That’s why we at New Author Editing specialize in helping first-time authors get their books ready for print. You need an experienced eye to help you build a good story and develop your characters. You need help setting a scene, writing believable dialogue, or establishing tension. And then there are all those picky grammar rules about semicolons, m dashes, n dashes, commas, compounds, and everything else.

We follow a ten-point plan to clean up your manuscript so it’s ready for publication. You get a complete and thorough content edit of your book at an amazingly low price. After all, as a new author, you don’t know how much money your book is going to make. Making money on a book isn’t easy, but we’ll do everything we can to help you turn a profit with a professional-looking manuscript.

(Check out the books we’ve edited and read reviews from some of our favorite authors)

You may find editing your own work challenging, or boring, or even daunting, but we love it. I mean, absolutely love it. Going over every word you’ve written is what we do no matter how big your manuscript. We’ve worked on everything from picture books to romance novels, self-help books to best-selling thrillers. Whatever you’ve written, we’ll be happy to help you make it better. We can make your book stand out by taking your manuscript from first draft to final draft at a price you can afford.

There’s a reason top authors often thank their editors – editors make their writing better. New Author Editing does the same for you!

Get a FREE estimate today. The sooner we edit your book, the sooner you can hold it in your hands!


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